Romain Dawny

Sales growth hacking guru.

Romain started his career at Planisware as a Sales Manager in charge of national and international accounts. His action enabled the rapid growth of the startup which expanded from 15 to 50 employees thanks to a 20% CAGR growth over a 3-year period.

Romain growth hacking talent led him to occupy different sales & marketing position in different companies over the years such as Completel, a French Telecom Carrier offering service to Fortunes 500, where he developed $40 million in 3 years; Zepla an IT security provider where he grew the sales by 100%.

Romain also implements sales and marketing strategies to reduce customer churn, develop partner networks to boost indirect sales, develop and manage internal sales teams.

Over the last 18 year Romain has always been facing issue in capturing, sharing and finding accurate information. He also witnessed the business impact of this issue and quickly decided to join Stéphane to develop and promote an innovative answer to this issue: Watee

Million Euros

Of Sales

Developed by Romain and much more managed over the last decade.