Jigyasa Chaturvedi

Keeping your feet on the ground!

Jigyasa is the founder of 82ISM, a marketplace for innovation using emerging tech; committed to making a difference to communities as much as bringing innovation to its customer.

Jigyasa has over thirteen years of experience in sales and consulting combined and has worked with a diverse client base including Deloitte, Cisco, Barclays, Rabobank and SEI Investments.

Before founding 82ISM, Jigyasa was the Head of Sales for North America for Bodhtree Solutions Inc, where she grew the company 500% in a single year.

Jigyasa has worked and lived in three continents in the last six years giving her the breadth of experience of working with cross-cultural, distributed teams. In her free time

Jigyasa likes to volunteer, travel, blog and paint. She’s held exhibitions in America and India to support charities around the world. Her lifelong quest is immortality through positive lasting impact in all she does.